Friday, September 11, 2009

Chappathi / Indian Bread

Things you will need:

Wheat Flour- 2 cups
Water- ½ cup ; warm
Salt- ½ tsp
Oil – 1 tsp

Preparation Method:

In a mixing bowl, add the flour , salt and oil.
Using water , knead the flour into a soft dough.
Add enough water to knead the flour well, but make sure the dough does not become sticky.If it does, add some more flour and knead well.
Keep the dough aside for 15 to 20 minutes.
Make lime–size balls and using a rolling board and rolling pin ,spread /roll each ball into 6 inch rounds like a tortilla.
Use flour occasionally to make sure the dough does not stick to the rolling board.
Heat a griddle or a non-stick pan.
Now cook each of this one-at-a-time by placing them on the griddle.
Once it starts getting puffed or cooked on one side, turn and cook it on the other side.
Brush with little oil on both sides.
Turn it over and press gently with a spatula or a cloth to puff up the chappathi/roti.

Chappathi can be now served hot with Easy Tomato Curry or Indian Chilli Chicken.


  1. your chappathis look so good!!..mine still come out burnt when I make them,just like old times...Oh, and I am a big fan of food I am looking forward to seeing lots of updates. :- )

  2. Your blog is very good..
    I like your receipes...
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  3. Woowww! It's so yummeeeeeeeeee blog you have........ :)

  4. Wrong time That I visited the blog.
    I should have had my breakfast ..

    Nice blog


    You have lots of gadgets and add ons on your blog..which kinda make it slow to load .
    So Wont it be better if the blog is kept light!
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  5. Really?!?! Chappathi is one of my favorite things and I had NO idea I could actually attempt to make it - thanks for sharing!

  6. My chappathis always end up crisp and hard. What am I doing wrong?

  7. To make soft chappathis - buy good quality wheat flour like Durum Atta(found in Indian Stores), add 2 tsp of dalda or ghee to the flour while u knead and leave the dough to rest for half hour- it should make very soft chappathis...let me know if it turns out to be nice and soft.


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