Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wheat Laddoo / Gothambu Laddoo - Festive Dish!!

Things you will need:

Wheat flour- 2 cups
Besan/Chick Peas flour- 1/2 cup
Ghee-1 cup
Sugar- 2 cups; powdered
Cashew- 1 cup; powdered
Raisins- few for decoration
Cardamom- 6 or 7 ; powdered

Preparation Method:

Heat ghee in a thick-bottom pan.
Add Besan and wait until it appears frothy.
Now add wheat flour and stir on medium high flame.
This will require continuous stirring until the flour it roasted well and gives a cookie-like aroma.
Once done, set it aside to cool.
Now add powdered sugar, cardamom and cashew and mix well.
Make sure there are no lumps.
Now form lime-size balls out of the mixture and serve with raisins decorated on top.

Its a very delicious and yummy treat , loved by all, and easy to prepare for any festive occasion.

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